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Strengthen Bottom-Line Results


Strengthen Bottom-Line Results

As the U.S. population has become increasingly diverse, ethnic flavors have penetrated every segment of foodservice. Today, global-inspired flavors appeal to patrons of all generations, and a complexity of diverse flavor combinations is expected. You can help foodservice operators take advantage of popular flavor trends with ease by offering product solutions from Land O’Lakes Foodservice that are made specifically to perform in the professional kitchen.

While Italian and Mexican cuisines continue to rank among the top ethnic choices, cuisines from South America and other regions are also growing in popularity. New Land O'Lakes® Sharp Cheddar American and soon-to-be-released Italian Blend Cheese Products are perfect for creating menu items like Ratatouille Beef Sandwich and Pita Nachos because they deliver the inspiring flavor of natural cheeses like Asiago, Romano, Parmesan and Cheddar with exceptional melt and performance.

Highly versatile across dayparts and cuisine types, Land O'Lakes® Sharp Cheddar American Process Cheese Product provides the bold flavor of sharp cheddar – making it an excellent choice for Mexican and other cuisines from around the world. Its rich, robust flavor lends itself well to cream soups, cheese-filled entrees, dips, quesos and more.

New Land O'Lakes® Italian Blend Process Cheese Product – coming soon to your marketplace – is also ideal for delivering authentic Italian flavor with the unique benefit of smooth melt and hold. It delivers a delicious blend of Asiago, Parmesan, Romano and American flavor that is versatile enough to stretch beyond typical Italian applications. Chefs can use the new Italian Blend to create everything from a baked Italian artichoke dip to a Greek flatbread pizza or a fig and prosciutto grilled cheese.

Your operators can also leverage their patrons’ desire for ethnic flavors by creating signature sauces that differentiate their businesses from other competitors in the marketplace. Land O'Lakes® Butter Sauce Base can easily be transformed into a Caribbean coconut sauce for chicken, a Turkish pistachio sauce for havuc koftesi, or a teriyaki shrimp sauce. Simply simmer, season and serve!

Likewise, operators can utilize Land O'Lakes® Reduced Cream Base to create delicious cream-based sauces that highlight flavors from around the globe simply and easily without the worry of breaking. Visit for recipes such as Bavarian Cream Sauce, Italian vegetable egg strata and Pastitsio.

Introduce your operators to flavorful performance cheese products and dairy sauce bases from Land O’Lakes Foodservice that meet the growing trend of global ethnic flavors. These versatile products, made specifically for the professional kitchen, deliver convenience and back-of-house performance while helping operators build menu appeal, maximize patron satisfaction and strengthen sales.