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UniPro WMS Assessment 2016


UniPro WMS Assessment 2016

UniPro Members run complex distribution operations and margins are small. You must exploit every opportunity to lower operating costs and improve service in the face of tough competition.

Warehouse management systems play a critical role in food distribution operations. They substantially affect productivity, accuracy, inventory control and food safety. Do you know how well your current systems are doing in these areas?  Do you know how your warehouse management systems stack up against the industry’s best?

LIDD has developed a WMS assessment survey to change that. By participating in the survey, you will benefit from:

1) An individualized report that evaluates the current strengths and weaknesses of your warehouse management systems – giving you actionable takeaways to put to work right away

2) A survey of UniPro Members as a whole and by sub-sector of activity (e.g., foodservice vs. c-store distribution) showing how the members are doing relative to the state-of-the-art in warehouse management systems

There is no other source for this information in the foodservice industry. Last year, we had over 40+ UniPro Members participate and other foodservice distributors have asked to join the benchmark from small, growing distributors to the largest, most sophisticated companies in the industry,

LIDD will present the WMS survey results at UniPro’s 2016 PFL & SCOPE Conference.

This is a unique opportunity to understand how your technology serves your operations and what you can do to lower operating costs. Normally, benchmarking a peer-group would cost each participant $2,500. UniPro members have access to this benchmarking study at no cost. Don’t miss out!

How to Participate

1) Fill out the online form or send an email to to receive a password to logon to the survey site via email

2) Access the WMS assessment directly by copying the following URL in your browser and using the provided password: 

NOTE: UniPro Members with multiple DCs can submit a single company-wide response or a response for each facility

Instructions for Completing the WMS Assessment

UniPro Members should assign responsibility for completing the assessment to two resources

  • A representative of the IT department (ideally, the in-house warehouse management systems expert)
  • A representative of the DC operations department (ideally, someone with extensive experience with how systems are used on the DC floor)
  • The representatives should complete the survey together, submitting a single response for the company

The survey consists of approximately 80 multi-choice questions and should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.  

Send your questions to

Schedule for Reporting Results

  • January 11, 2016: Registration begins and access to the WMS Assessment site is open.
  • March 18, 2016: Deadline for completing the WMS Assessment.
  • March 21 – May, 2016: LIDD compiles results and produces individual member reports and group-wide results.
  • May, 2016: LIDD presents results at UniPro’s 2016 PFL & SCOPE ConferenceLIDD issues individual member reports.