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Specialty Tea for Special Holidays


Specialty Tea for Special Holidays

With the holidays on their way, operators are planning seasonal menus and special occasion LTOs. The beverage menu is an ideal place for showcasing seasonal flavors, especially as temperatures fall.

The Tea Association of the USA forecasts that tea sales will double over the next five years. And operators are finding creative ways to make the most of tea’s popularity.1

From simple black tea to a handcrafted cocktail, hot tea represents quality of the entire establishment to guests. The range of new Lipton® Specialty Hot Teas provide a variety of flavors to suit guests’ different moods:

  • Recharge with Black Tea
  • Rebalance with Green Tea
  • Relax with Herbal Tea
  • Refresh with Fruit Teas

For DSRs, Lipton® Specialty Tea is an opportunity to tag-on sales to other sales calls. Hot tea may not be top-of-mind for operators, but quality offerings matter to guests. Share this video with your customers to show how Specialty Tea satisfies guests throughout the day.

Plus, it’s easy for operators to customize hot tea with syrups, fruits and garnishes to create signature drinks. Flavor & The Menu offered 12 trends in coffee and tea for 2015, including coffee-inspired teas (like an Earl Grey latte) and tea-infused cocktails (like a lemon and vodka-infused tea punch or a signature hot toddy).1

Give operators flavorful tea inspiration with the Lipton® Tea Recipe Tool, with unique recipes for hot tea and iced tea:

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