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Bacon Continues to Be an All-Star


Bacon Continues to Be an All-Star

Bacon has consistently been high on consumers’ radars for the past few years, and why shouldn’t it be? Its salty, crispy, flavorful profile pairs with almost everything and enhances any dish. And consumers still cannot get enough of it. According to Bloomberg, consumers paid more than seven times the wholesale price of bacon last year alone.1 Because bacon continues to be a consumer favorite, chefs have continued to put pork on their menus month after month. Datassential reports that 68 percent of menus in the US have bacon on their menus. Bacon’s versatility allows for chefs to add it to an array of dishes, or have it star as the main ingredient.2 This versatility also appeals to Millennials, who are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting dishes to try.

Now that bacon has become mainstream and consumers have embraced the protein with open arms, chefs have begun to use different flavored bacon to give their dishes an “upscale” twist. According to Technomic’s October Flavor Consumer Trend Report, ‘applewood’ is the fastest-growing sandwich flavor this year, due to an increasing number of chefs featuring this flavor on their menus.3 This smoky call-out allows for chefs to differentiate their dishes and excite guests with a new take on a classic protein.

Fastest Growing Sandwich Flavors:

  • Applewood (+7%)
  • Avocado (+5%)
  • Cucumber (+4%)
  • Bacon/Basil* (+2%)

Applewood bacon works perfectly in a simple BLT, as a standalone accompaniment, or as a new flavor experience added to more complex dishes, such as pasta carbonara or bacon-wrapped dates.

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