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Loaded Fries Are In Demand


Loaded Fries Are In Demand

America has a love affair with classic french fries, which have been a staple in our diets forever. What started as a side dish to accompany a burger or hot dog has transformed into a craveable dish on its own. Whether you call them cheese fries, chili fries or poutine, loaded fries are hot. In the recent MUFSO conference, Dave Jenkins from Datassential highlighted broad trends sweeping the nation, and loaded fries was one of them.1 With loaded fries, the french fries serve as the vessel that carries the stars of the dish – anything and everything a chef can pile on the fries. Chefs are taking the ingredients that consumers love and piling them on top of each other.

According to Datassential, poutine is the fastest-growing variety of fries – it now appears on 468 percent more menus in the United States than it did four years ago.2 Poutine, a French-Canadian classic dish, is typically composed of fries, cheese and brown gravy. As this Canadian staple has been widely accepted in the US, chefs have begun to think out of the box when it comes to topping their poutine creations. Moving away from traditional poutines, chefs have turned to pork in an array of applications to bring new, exciting poutines to their menus.

The second most popular topping on poutine is bacon, coming in second only to cheese.3 Bacon isn’t the only topping that pairs well with fries. Chefs are inspired by a multitude of pork ingredients, from pork chili to pork belly. Adding pork to loaded fries can only enhance the dish. Poutine may seem like a fancy word, but chains are embracing this crazy upswing in popularity of loaded fries and incorporating them into their menus as well. It’s a great comfort food that keeps bringing guests back for more – so why not add it to your repertoire for even more enticing menu options?

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