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Soup's On!


Soup's On!

Heinz® Soups are affordable solutions to meet regulations and appeal to students

School nutrition directors are commonly challenged with the task of finding quality, wholesome food solutions that are affordable, versatile and appealing to students. Soups are an option to meet these criteria with simplicity and ease. They can be served on their own or as an ingredient in any number of kid-friendly recipes, making them perfect for incorporating across the menu.

Heinz Smart Ladle™ soups feature five varieties that contain no more than 410mg of sodium per serving and are a great addition to the full line of Heinz® Condensed Soups. More than 10 varieties of Heinz® Soups provide meal equivalent credits which contribute to USDA National School Lunch Program Guidelines. For example, a half-cup of condensed Heinz Smart Ladle™ Tomato Soup provides a half-cup red/orange vegetable meal equivalent credit, and the same size portion of Heinz Smart Ladle™ Cream of Celery Soup provides a quarter-cup green vegetable meal equivalent credit.

Increase daily meal participation with unique recipes using soup as a base ingredient or create a "Soup of the Day" program featuring Heinz® Soups.