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How to Score a Perfect 10


How to Score a Perfect 10

Would your restroom get a 10 star review? It should. GP Pro can help. The restroom carries a lot of influence over people's perception of your business.

Choose GP Pro's enMotion® towel, enMotion® skin care and Compact® tissue dispenser systems and GP will guarantee them for a full 10 years. These flagship dispensers are that reliable, and they are also preferred! 97% of customers who use the enMotion® towel and Compact® tissue dispenser systems are overwhelmingly satisfied with their performance.*

GP wants all of their customers to be confident in their dispensing systems. To prove it, the new warranty program even covers units that are already on the wall.

Are you ready to make the last (and best) dispenser decision you'll ever have to make? Are you ready for the 10 year warranty? Click HERE  for more information!

*Source: Directions Research, Inc. 2015.

enMotion® dispensers are available for lease only through an authorized distributor.

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