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The Perfect Cup for Any Palate


The Perfect Cup for Any Palate

We searched the finest coffee plantations around the world, collecting these extraordinary coffees that we’ve reserved exclusively for our new High Altitude Coffee. 

Hand-picked and sun dried, these 100% Arabica beans are custom blended and roasted to perfection in our Scolari system. The perfect cup for any palate these roast profiles range from our dark roasted Rio Samba and Sumatra Blend to a medium roast, Papua New Guinea Blend and for the delicate coffee connoisseur our light roasted Blonde Roast.

  • Rio Samba - this bold, dark roasted blend of South American beans entices with an amazingly rich aroma. Each sip delivers savory, toasty and nutty layers of flavor with a silky finish.
  • Sumatra Blend – this complex Indonesian, medium to dark roasted coffee consists of warm chocolate notes, bold layered flavor and a smooth finish.
  • Papua New Guinea Blend – this medium roasted coffee, grown in the mountains of Papua New Guinea provides a smooth, slightly sweet, well-balanced cup. These exotic beans get their hint of fruit flavor from the Albizzia berry trees that grow on the same land. A truly special coffee.
  • Blonde Roast – this mellow, light roasted coffee is smooth and pleasing with a variety of fruit notes.   Enjoy a flavorful cup with a pleasant, balanced finish.
  • 97% Naturally Decaffeinated - this bright and balanced medium roasted coffee has all of the body and flavor of a perfect cup, without the caffeine. We use the finest decaffeination process available today, natural carbon dioxide, to remove 97% of the caffeine but none of the great coffee taste.

These exceptional coffees, each with a unique signature taste and finish, will please the most discerning palate with a rich balanced cup and aroma. Available in 2.75, 3 and 3.5 oz. fraction packs. 42 count.

Expect perfection.

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