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New ecoStick Zero Calorie Sweeteners


New ecoStick Zero Calorie Sweeteners

New ecoStick zero calorie sweeteners cost less than the national brands of packet sweeteners and deliver the same sweet taste your customers crave. Packed in space-saving, mini-sticks they provide a greatly reduced carbon footprint that’s better for you, your customers and the environment.

ecoStick sweeteners use 60% less paper, 40% less corrugate and 50% less freight. They have no GMOs, less dextrose filler and zero calories.

Available in four varieties, and packed in their own space saving caddies, ecoStick sweeteners will evolve your table and the way your customers think about your operation.

Same taste, less waste, much better!

For more information on ecoStick zero calorie sweeteners call 1.888.708.2222 or email us at