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Made for Your Recipes


Made for Your Recipes

Ingredient chicken from Tyson Food Service is designed to be incorporated as part of a recipe rather than a center of the plate protein. We have two new codes, as well as two reformulated existing codes that meet the growing consumer demand for products made with all natural ingredients.

The new Tyson® Battered Chicken Pieces are made with all natural* ingredients and are versatile enough to use in any dish from an Asian-inspired dish to a shareable appetizer. The new Tyson® Whole Leg Strips provide operators with delicious roasted or light pepper flavor profiles to save time and labor. These are also made with all natural* ingredients and are perfect for ethnic dishes like stir-fry or burritos.

Our full line of fully cooked and uncooked ingredient chicken offers operators labor savings, better yield and helps stretch their protein dollars amid rising costs.