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Mexican Cuisine on the Rise


Mexican Cuisine on the Rise

Mexican food has always been an American favorite; it’s bold and spicy, fresh flavors keep consumers coming back for more. Consumers have accepted Mexican flavors and cuisine countrywide, and it has become a staple to most people’s diets. Earlier this year, the NRA surveyed 1,000 people on their relationship with different ethnic foods. Half of the  adults NRA surveyed said they consumed Mexican food at least once a month, with the West being the most saturated area of consumers who eat Mexican.1 It comes as no surprise that the western part of the country consumes Mexican the most often, as that is where a majority of the Mexican-Americans reside.2 The West may have the majority of Mexican food consumers, but there is hardly a regional preference for this cuisine, as 36 percent of those surveyed in the Northeast regularly eat Mexican food.3

One thing’s for sure; consumers are constantly craving those big, bold flavors. The cuisine gives chefs across the country flexibility in their kitchens, especially when incorporating pork products. The versatility of pork holds up well to the many flavor profiles Mexican cuisine has to offer, and pork can be shredded, roasted, grilled or baked to fit into any recipe.

Across the country, chefs are plating up different takes on Mexican dishes using pork. From sandwiches and tacos, to ribs and more, both chefs and consumers are in love with cooking and eating dishes inspired by Mexican flavors.

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Source: Smithfield Farmland