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Fresher Than Fresh


Fresher Than Fresh

Healthy, adaptable, easy-to-prepare vegetable dishes need not be bound by the seasons.

No matter the month, Grande Classics Gourmet Vegetablesfrom Flav-R-Pac provide a bright complement to always-popular proteins. Serve as a lightly-dressed side, or enhance casseroles, stews and soups. Featuring numerous blends that boast sizable, random cuts and whole vegetables, Grande Classics Gourmet Vegetables deliver refreshing value. Broccoli florets, whole baby carrots, sugar snap peas, bias-cut yellow carrots, cauliflower florets, and red pepper strips - this is only one of the many blends offered in Grande Classics Gourmet Vegetables.

The wise alternative to expensive, fresh produce, Grande Classics Gourmet Vegetablesconsists of locally-picked and packaged flash-frozen vegetables with “fresher than fresh”taste and texture. You get bold, high-profit plate coverage, and large, naturalpieces for exceptional eye appeal. All in no-wastere-sealable zip packaging. Grande Classics Gourmet Vegetables are a timely solution to a classic challenge: simplydelicious, sustainably-harvested vegetables of unyielding quality. All year long.

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