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Trending Steakhouse Favorites


Trending Steakhouse Favorites

Look to the steakhouse category for profitable menu ideas

According to Technomic, steakhouses are one of the fastest growing segments in foodservice.1What’s fueling their growth, and how can you key into that trend? While institutions like Delmonico's in New York and Gene & Georgetti in Chicago still draw in diners with their old-school, clubby charm, modern steakhouses are attracting younger diners with creative menus and updated decor. There’s a lot to glean from this trend’s success, whether you run a steakhouse, pub, tavern, grill—or simply a restaurant that serves a steak option and you want to up your game.

A smart menu strategy is to mine profitable ideas from the successful modern steakhouse. Datassential points out hallmark items that set this kind of menu apart, including sustainably sourced meat, innovative interpretations of classic steakhouse dishes, like re-imagined Caesar salads, and more affordable meat cuts, like flat iron and skirt steak.

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