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Pies for Every Month of the Year


Pies for Every Month of the Year

Handi-Foil of America has launched a line of line of pie pans to fit every need. These pie pans are available in the following sizes and forms:

  • 8” Pie Pan
  • 9” Pie Pan
  • 9” Deep Pie Pan
  • 8” Perforated Pie Pan
  • 10” Perforated Pie Pan

Pies are a classic American staple found on virtually every menu! Help your operators increase their dessert sales by providing this list of ideas to promote a Pies of the Month program. 

Danish Pans Now Available

Included in HandiFoil’s foil dessert pan line are two Danish pans. As coffeehouse/bistro menus continue to grow in popularity, fresh-baked Danish is a wonderful addition to any menu. These Danish pans are available in the following sizes:

  • 4” Danish Pan
  • 5” Danish Pan

To view Handi-Foil's entire product line suitable for foodservice professionals, visit online at For more information, contact your HFA sales manager by phone at 1.847.520.1000 or via email at