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Offer Monthly Training


Offer Monthly Training

As a foodservice distributor you have the opportunity to partner with your healthcare customers by providing training for the foodservice employees. Healthcare accrediting boards, professional accrediting organizations, and state and local regulations may require on-going training and continuing education for nutrition and foodservice staff. Most healthcare operations conduct regular training programs for foodservice staff. You are vital in supporting that training.

Training healthcare foodservice employees is a perfect opportunity for you to partner with your healthcare operators. Over the past eight years, UniPro HealthPro has developed a series of training programs, HealthPro® Employee Training Modules, that address training topics from food safety to nutrition to kitchen and staff management. We are delighted to announce the release of the most recent training programs.

Each of the nine volumes of the HealthPro® Employee Training CD contains 12 modules on various topics to provide a comprehensive, ongoing training program. Modules include topic outlines and information, supporting handouts (where applicable), quizzes, and PowerPoint presentations that serve as a supplement to the session.

The training modules for the ninth volume are:

  1. Culinary Trends in Healthcare
  2. Dietary Guidelines 2015
  3. Ethnic Flavors
  4. Farm-to-Healthcare
  5. Handling Difficult Customers
  6. Hands Off! How To Avoid Bare Hand Contact With Ready To Eat Foods
  7. Kitchen Efficiency
  8. Moving and Lifting
  9. Portion Control for Health and Cost Control
  10. Produce Pointers for Half the Plate
  11. A Refreshing Look at Beverages
  12. Theme Meals

For a complete list of the modules in Volumes 1 – 9, click here.

To order or for more information, contact Catharine Powers, MS, RD, UniPro Consulting Dietitian, by phone at 1.330.416-5943 or via email at