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New Gluten Free "Breading"


New Gluten Free "Breading"

Whether consumers seek flavor crunch or a great-tasting, gluten-free option – Idahoan® Golden Potato Crusting delivers it all! Replace your breading with this gluten-free stand out and turn proteins and vegetables into a potato-crusted masterpiece. It comes fully seasoned with buttery and salty flavors, and holds its golden color and crispy crunch.

Flavorful…and Gluten-Free

Fully seasoned with an authentic buttery, salty, potato flavor; this golden potato crusting is ready to use. Exceeds flavor expectations of all patrons, and especially gluten-free seekers.

A Texture Homerun

When you crust your protein or vegetable with potato crusting, expect a crunchy, perfectly golden brown finish.

Versatile and Easy to Prepare

Works well with any protein or vegetable. Just coat, deep-fry, sauté or bake. Adheres easily.

Menu Stand-Out

Potato-crusted fried chicken or potato-crusted vegetables are sure to set your menu apart.