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New Musso's Baked Cheese Crisps


New Musso's Baked Cheese Crisps

NEW! Musso’s Cheese Crisps are available in two delicious varieties - Parmesan and Asiago. Musso’s Cheese Crisps are unique crisps made with 100% oven-baked cheese. They add upscale flair and intense cheese taste to any menu item.

Toppings used to be just for salads. Musso's Cheese Crisps add crunch, texture and taste to Pizza, Pasta, Soups, Salads, Burgers, Wraps and much more! Along with being extremely versatile, they have a clean ingredient statement (no fillers) and are shelf stable and ready to use right out of the bag (no refrigeration is required).

Musso’s Cheese Crisps are perfect for any customer looking to add upscale artisan flair and variety across their menu. A single serving of Musso’s Cheese Crisps (5-7 pieces) costs about $0.25, but the Operator can charge about $2.00 more when these one-of-a-kind cheese crisps are added. Once you taste Musso’s Cheese Crisps you’ll know why!

For more information on Musso’s Cheese Crisps, call 1.888.708.2222 or email us at