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Guided by Sustainable Principles


Guided by Sustainable Principles

At Norpac Foods, Inc., a farmer-owned cooperative since 1924 of family farms representing over 200 growers on more than 40,000 acres of land in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we’re dedicated to improving farming and food processing practices.

Norpac products maintain the highest quality because they are harvested and processed locally; always picked and packaged within four hours. While keeping production close to home results in the freshest frozen fruits and vegetables, it is only one step in keeping our environmental footprint in check.

We operate under these guiding principles:

  • Protect and conserve water resources
  • Protect and enhance soil resources
  • Use Integrated Pest Management
  • Conserve and enhance wildlife habitat
  • Conserve and recycle nutrients
  • Provide safe and fair working conditions
  • Produce crops without genetically modified organisms
  • Continually improve farm practices
  • Produce safe, wholesome, high-quality fruits and vegetables

Sustainability isn’t simply good for business. It is our business. For our customers—as for the farmers in the fields—a commitment to responsiblepractices remains the sustaining answer for how NORPAC will continue to offer productsof uncompromising quality.

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