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Bring Food to the Happy Hour Tab


Bring Food to the Happy Hour Tab

While happy hour was born on the drink menu, it has found its new home on the food menu. According to a 2014 report from Technomic, 61% of consumers say that the type of food available is an important factor that determines where to go for happy hour, and 55% say that the food specials are important.1

Though food is a significant expectation for happy hour specials, restaurants aren’t the overwhelming focus. Another significant finding: almost half (49%) of those customers go to bars for happy hour.1 That means there’s a huge opportunity for full service restaurants to gain happy hour footing by delivering on the consumer desire for better specials with better food. Take a look at some menu ideas that could work hard for your operators as happy hour specials.

Pairing Specials

Half of happy hour guests already order a snack,1 and when operators suggest the right drink to go with it, they build value as a culinary authority. By putting the right dish and beverage together to create unforgettable flavor, that’s something that will get guests talking and tabs growing. With crave-worthy McCain® products and drinks that highlight the character of their place, operators will also see more people stick around beyond happy hour. Take a look at menu-ready happy hour pairing ideas, like the All American Duo, which could work perfectly as a unique feature for any operation.

Limited Time, Unlimited Possibility

Limits activate curiosity; take popular limited time menus as an example. When operators have a menu item that is available exclusively during happy hour, especially if it’s something unique like Brew City®Black and Tan Onion Rings, operators will not only stimulate cravings, they can elevate happy hour to event status. Take a look at some unique culinary ideas, like Chicken Fried Potato Bites, that can get the twilight hour buzzing for operators, and bring your sales of premium items up a notch. The only rule: give guests something they haven’t had before and won’t want to miss.

Let Menus Take Flight

When operators showcase the best their drink and food menus have to offer during happy hour, guests will want to stay for more. Happy hour flights let guests try several menu items at once and find the bite or drink they can’t live without. One bold way to do flights: match a food flight with drink flight [link to flavor flights promotion]. When operators create a pairing flight, culinary excitement goes through the roof while your sales take off.

1“Happy Hour Consumers are Food-Focused,” Technomic, January 27, 2015