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It's for What's Inside


It's for What's Inside

When making bases or soups, a great way to store them is in high density freezer storage bags. They are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and are made from very durable and flexible material.

These bags can go from -50 degrees F and up to 220 degrees F (not meant for oven use). They can go from your freezer into a microwave, steamer or warmer. They can also be used for produce in your refrigerator as the air will not permeate through them and can keep your produce fresh.

High density freezer storage bags come in various sizes and are all packed in cases of 200 - 2,000 bags per case depending on the size of the bag. They can hold one quart up to 80 quarts. They come packed on a roll in the case so they are easy to storage and easy to grab a bag when needed. 

Samples and sell sheets are available for all high density food storage bags. 

Click here for a downloadable sell sheet on this product.

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