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Their Secret? Your Sauce.


Their Secret? Your Sauce.

More consumers are becoming adventurous eaters and they are more likely to visit a restaurant offering new and unique flavors.

New & Classic: A Winning Pair

More consumers are becoming adventurous eaters. In fact, 42% say they are more likely to visit a restaurant offering new and unique flavors,1 and 35% say they’d pay more for specialty meals.2 Uniqueness does have limitations however: completely unfamiliar entrées can be alienating. When operators strike a balance between new and familiar flavors, they can encourage more guests to step out of their comfort plates.

Traditional Sauces, Trending Meats

One way operators can deliver on guests’ desire for excitement at the table is by pairing familiar sauces with trending proteins.

  • Braised Rabbit with Creamy Mustard
  • Goat with Spiced Yogurt Sauce
  • Lamb with Dark Gravy
  • Grilled Ahi Tuna with Citrus Hollandaise

Standard Proteins, Stand-Out Sauces

Another approach: start with the meats they know and love and introduce sauces that give it a unique twist.

  • Shrimp with Carrot Butternut Sauce
  • Braised Beef with Hard Apple Cider Sauce
  • Sirloin with a Creamy Fennel Sauce

Classic Meets Classic

Operators don’t have to use radically new ingredients to deliver fresh tastes to guests. They can just combine classics in new ways or deliver them in new forms:

  • Crab Cake Benedict with Florentine Hollandaise
  • Cajun-Spiced Seafood Pot Pie

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