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Kids Meals: Mindful & Flavorful


Kids Meals: Mindful & Flavorful

Restaurant guests are becoming more mindful of their choices when dining out—72% of adults are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers healthy options.1 And these mindful choices are affecting the whole family. Since 95% of parents think a healthy diet for their kids should be a priority,2 operators have the opportunity to craft a menu that both kids and parents will love.

More than one in three American children is now overweight.3 With childhood health and obesity as a national priority, it’s no surprise that “healthful kids’ meals” is #4 on the list of National Restaurant Association trends for 2015.4

So how do restaurants create healthier food that still appeals to young palates? Providing choices is very important in crafting kids’ menus. An easy way for operators to introduce choice is through offering soup as a side option—this provides a healthier alternative to fries and introduces kids to new flavors. 

With the complete portfolio of Knorr® Premium Dry Soups, operators can create a variety of soup choices. Knorr® Soups provide:

Operational Ease

  • Simple prep: Add water, whisk and heat
  • Ready to serve in 30 minutes or less
  • No thawing, heavy lifting, sharp can edges or tools needed to open
  • Shelf-stable, requiring no freezer space

Premium Quality

  • Better ingredients for outstanding results in every bowl
  • First-time cook preparation
  • Ingredients maintain their shape and texture
  • Low-sodium and gluten-free varieties available

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