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One Simple Sweetener Solution


One Simple Sweetener Solution

For the first time the most popular sweetener colors, yellow, pink and blue are available together, in one variety case, that is being offered in an exclusive case pack to UniPro members under the loved and trusted brand N’Joy.

The N’Joy® brand variety case consists of the three most popular flavors: 500 count of yellow (sucralose), 250 count of pink (saccharin), and 250 count of blue (aspartame). This mix allows foodservice operators to give their customers the choices they want in the colors they expect.

N’Joy brand zero-calorie sweeteners are available from Sugar Foods Corporation.

Consumers continue to demand numerous flavors, so offering a consistent and complete line of sweeteners including yellow, pink, blue, and green packets improves customer satisfaction. N’Joy brand sweeteners are available in the four most popular flavors in traditional sweetener packets as well as European-style, elegant stick packs.

Since 1985, N’Joy has been a valued brand that consumers love and trust. In fact, N’Joy products are consumed 25 million times a day! Now you have the opportunity to offer a full line of zero-calorie sweeteners under the N’Joy brand and build customer confidence with a consistent look for your table top!