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Real Dairy. Unreal Performance.


Real Dairy. Unreal Performance.

Sauces add flavor and variety to menus – but they can be challenging. Ideally, you need a sauce that offers consistent quality from dish to dish, but doesn’t break down, and brings added efficiency to your operation. You need Land O’Lakes® Performance Sauces

Consistency on Every Plate

Made with real dairy, these refrigerated sauces won’t scorch or separate over multiple heat and chill cycles, resulting in less waste and reduced prep time. Versatile, convenient, and with great flavor, they’ll give you the confidence you need to deliver consistent results, location to location, regardless of circumstances. 

They are truly – in a word – unbreakable. Confidence that can’t be broken. 

Land O’Lakes® Performance Sauces come in 3 varieties:

  1. Butter Sauce Base – An easy speed-scratch solution, this versatile sauce works well in multiple menu items
  2. Cream Sauce Base – Made with real dairy, this easily customizable sauce is perfect for soups, dips, and more
  3. Extra Melt® White Cheese Sauce – A premium, great-tasting cheese sauce that holds consistently throughout the day 

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