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Help Schools Get Rewarded


Help Schools Get Rewarded

You can look like a hero without breaking a sweat when you introduce (or reintroduce) your school foodservice directors and purchasing decision makers to Cool School Cafe®, the leading K-12 foodservice loyalty program. Founded in 1995, Cool School Cafe is a free resource for school Foodservice Directors that requires no extra work on the part of a DSR. 

When your customers purchase qualifying products  from Georgia-Pacific and other manufacturers, they can get valuable rewards points to redeem through the Cool School Cafe catalog. The catalog offers a wide range of rewards from foodservice apparel and equipment to student giveaways, educational materials and activities, and more. 

All reported purchasing data is the responsibility of the school, not the DSR. Plus, Cool School Café members receive program updates, promotion announcements, free sample offers and valuable industry information throughout the year. 

Georgia-Pacific is a participating member manufacturer. Three of their most popular qualifying products include long-time school favorites: Smartstock®, EasyNap®, and Liddles®. Here are some highlights of these products: 

  • SmartStock® Cutlery Dispensers are the ultimate hygienic solution and image booster. But that's just the beginning. Pre-counted and pre-assembled refill units cut re-stocking time by 50%.1 SmartStock facilitates one-at-a-time dispensing, helping to reduce waste in cutlery usage.  Another cool feature comes with SmartStock® SKINS—fun, colorful designs that work with the dispenser to promote the theme, build the energy, and enhance the school’s foodservice image. Talk about a simple way to make a good – and lasting – impression! Pick the design that says “your style” best . . . or have your SKINS custom made to carry the school’s brand message even further.
  • EasyNap® Napkin Dispensers are designed  to keep users from grabbing a handful of napkins when they only need one, helping to reduce usage by 30% when switching from larger standard MorNap® style napkins in a QSR environment, and by 56.6% when switching from smaller tall-fold styles according to independent research. It also holds 5 packs of EasyNap napkins to help extend napkin service through peak periods and reduce the frequency of refills. Plus, templates let you quickly and easily select a theme color, background, seasonal image, or coordinate to match the SmartStock® SKIN on cutlery dispensers for a polished look.
  • Liddles® Cups make it easy to prepare, present and preserve foods. Liddles unique “6-pack” design with attached lids saves approximately 50% operator time versus portion cups with separate lids .2 Reduced operator time can decrease the risk of cross-contamination. Food is exposed to the local environment for a shorter period of time, and can be served or refrigerated more quickly. Liddles® square-shaped cups with attached lids nest easily, enabling you to prep, stack and store your most time intensive menu items in advance, as well as to help you deliver meals consistent with the latest USDA nutritional guidelines. Leftovers can be efficiently stacked and stored for future consumption

Play it cool this back-to-school season with Cool School Café. See the full list of qualifying Georgia-Pacific products for this program.   

1Source: Independent research commissioned by Georgia-Pacific on the SmartStock Classic Dispenser

2Based on testing conducted at Georgia-Pacific’s Neenah Technical Center, August 2013. 

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