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Keep Hungry Kids Energized


Keep Hungry Kids Energized

Healthy snacks are a great way to keep hungry kids happy and energized. By getting the snacks ready ahead of time and portioning them out in high density zipless reclosable bags you can grab and go with them. You can wash, cut and portion veggies out and keep them crisp and delicious in the high density bags where air won’t permeate through them.

Another great option is to portion out pretzels or fruit in the pint size bags. The tacky strip that recloses the bags are great for children to open quickly and reclose themselves. 

Introducing an exciting new Handgards feature: Zipless Bags

Handgards offers a unique zipless reclosable food storage bag with a tacky strip for closure which is perfect for storing dry snacks. They are high density material so they are freezer safe and they lock in freshness. They are available in snack, pint, quart and gallon sizes. 

Remember zipless bags are great for easy access to your snacks!

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