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A+ Every Time for K-12


A+ Every Time for K-12

Vegalene® Buttery Cooking Spray makes it easy for operators to quickly add a healthy hint of buttery flavor to dishes while ensuring operators those dishes release easily and cleanly from cooking surfaces. It can be used in any operation on a variety of veggies, pastas, proteins or any other classic comfort foods – on any item in which a bit of buttery indulgence is needed to give dishes an extra “wow” factor.

Vegalene Buttery Cooking Spray gets an A+ every time for K-12 schools, adding a rich, buttery flavor to cafeteria-favorites like grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza crusts, breadsticks, rolls and biscuits. School nutritionists and foodservice directors like Vegalene Buttery Cooking Spray because it contains no trans fats, glutens or allergens. It is specially formulated to help operators in all segments accommodate the growing number of patrons affected by food allergies without compromising flavor. It is an economical choice too, providing more sprays per container while helping put a positive nutritional spin on menu items which more operators and consumers are looking for.

Vegalene is a leading national brand of food release sprays in foodservice. It has set the standard and has been known and trusted by chefs across the globe for over 65 years. Let your operators know they can run their businesses with greater efficiency and more confidence using a product that meets their highest standards of quality with every can.

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