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More Than a Kid-Pleasing Menu Item


More Than a Kid-Pleasing Menu Item

Kids don’t drink as much milk these days so yogurt is a great option to provide the benefits of dairy and develop a good long-term habit, getting kids to eat a nutritionally balanced item.” Our staff also appreciates that yogurt is an easy, no-mess item.”

–Norma Johnson, Program Specialist, San Diego Unified School District

When the changing guidelines came out and did not list a meat/meat alternate requirement at breakfast, many K-12 foodservice professionals were left wondering if they could or should still serve yogurt at breakfast.

Johnson says yogurt is a staple item in her schools’ breakfast programs and one she and her staff feel good about serving. The district currently offers Trix® Yogurt once a week through the district’s breakfast-in-the-classroom program and daily through its Kids Choice and second breakfast programs.

5 Reasons For Your Customer to Add Yogurt or Keep It On the Menu

  • Nutritional Benefits. Yogurt is a good source of protein, supports bone health and contains live, active cultures. For kids, yogurt provides three key nutrients of concern including Vitamin D, Calcium and Potassium. It is also a lower fat and lower sodium option than many other meat/meat alternates.
  • Broad Appeal to Kids! Yogurt is widely consumed by kids of all ages. Delicious flavors and familiar brands that kids eat at home make yogurt a favorite on school menus.
  • Convenience. Yogurt is available in pre-portioned 4 oz. cups making it quick to serve, particularly for grab-and-go breakfast or breakfast-in-the-classroom programs.
  • Menu Flexibility. In addition to serving as an easy snack choice, yogurt is a nice addition to a meal combo or can be used an ingredient to replace other higher-fat options in recipes from dips to sauces and soups.
  • Encouraged by the Dietary Guidelines. As a nutrient-dense food and a fat-free or low-fat dairy product, yogurt is encouraged by Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Learn more about including yogurt on theK-12 menu.

Yogurt resources provided by General Mills Foodservice.


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