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Enhance School Nutrition Programs


Enhance School Nutrition Programs

K-12 school foodservice directors are increasingly turning towards their industry partners for help in developing healthy menus featuring products that meet the latest regulations.1 And with a comprehensive K-12 portfolio of high-quality products that meet national school nutrition standards – which now includes select No Antibiotics Ever™ products – Perdue Foodservice is a trusted partner in helping school foodservice directors enhance their menus with a variety of tasty dishes that kids crave. 

Kings Delight®, Perdue®, Clux Delux® and Harvestland® brands serve up great tasting chicken to the K-12 segment for any time of the day – breakfast, lunch or a la carte snacking. The Perdue Foodservice portfolio includes kid-approved protein choices that are healthier alternatives, such as whole grain breaded chicken nuggets and patties, chicken tenders and grilled chicken breast strips.

And earlier this year, Perdue Foodservice announced the launch of No Antibiotics Ever™ chicken products for K-12 school lunch programs, including favorites such as a nugget, sandwich patty, chicken rings, tenders, and popcorn chicken. In addition to using meat from chickens raised with No Antibiotics Ever™, Perdue Foodservice’s new K-12 products use simple ingredients and have reduced sodium levels. These new products meet the School Food FOCUS – The Pew Charitable Trust Standard to Minimize the Use of Antibiotics in Poultry, and in fact, were made with chicken raised with no antibiotics of any kind. These products also meet the standards of the Urban School Food Alliance. Together, these purchasing initiatives include many of the largest school districts in the US, serving more than 4 million students.

Now, school lunch programs carrying our No Antibiotics Ever™ USDA Process Verified products can offer these important attributes to their students, while at the same time reassuring parents that their kids are eating responsibly-raised chicken.

With a variety of wholesome chicken products from Kings Delight®, Perdue®, Clux Delux® and Harvestland® brands, school foodservice operators can easily provide a range of healthy options to students.

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