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Other $80 Billion Survey


Other $80 Billion Survey

As you may know, Technomic has been assessing nearly everything in foodservice for the last 50 years; manufacturers, distributors, operators and consumers. But for some reason, the 34% of foodservice distribution that includes over 12,000 independent distributors hasn’t gotten much attention. Rather, it’s labeled “All Other,” an un-studied $80 billion chunk of the foodservice supply chain.

“All Other” hasn’t drawn attention because Big Broadliners, Systems Distributors, and Club/Cash & Carry have long dominated industry growth. However, the tide has shifted and “All Other” distributors are doing great, enjoying a resurgence thanks to demand for “local” and more specialized offerings; and with technology having become affordable, the playing field has re-leveled. 

Technomic is surveying thousands of firms for facts and insights on broadline, hybrid, produce, meat, seafood, non-foods, and other category or segment-specialized distributors. It is widely known that manufacturer’s resources are skewed to “Power Distributors,” and Technomic’s hypothesis suggests that should change. With independent distributors thriving, when could be a better time to prove it? This study will cast a very positive light on independent distributor firms, which can only benefit you.

You may respond to the survey by clicking here. Participating distributors will receive a special report containing survey data and performance benchmarking. This is a rare opportunity to see how one’s firm “stacks up” vs. its peers and other distributor types.

Please respond to the survey by Tuesday, June 30.

Questions may be directed to Barry Friends, Technomic via email at