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Celebrate Summer!


Celebrate Summer!

July 4th is right around the corner! And, that means summer is here! We have the perfect iced tea beverage to help you celebrate summer and the Red, White and Blue! Sunset Peach Tea. Expand your bar offering with this refreshing new twist on tea!

All you need is fresh brewed Red Diamond Iced Tea, ripe summer peaches to garnish, and Cruzan Peach Rum, serve over ice and add mint or basil for splash of color. It tastes like summer at the Gulf! 

Red Diamond produces the highest quality iced tea available in the US today. There are three major points of differentiation between Red Diamond and our competitors.

First, we have a relationship that spans three generations with one of the largest tea importers in the country, allowing us to source the finest quality tea from around the world, year after year.

Second, our blend of Orange Pekoe and Pekoe cut black teas provides the highest quality iced tea, with optimum color and flavor. Orange Pekoe and Pekoe refers to the type of tea leaf, not the flavor of tea.

Third, the lack of stem content in our tea produces a better tea flavor with greater yield. Tea leaves include the stem which is made of wood fiber. A lot of our competitors cut up the leaf with the stem to reduce cost. Technically that is tea, but the wood fiber of the stem produces no tea benefit. Red Diamond removes as much stem as possible from our tea blends to provide the finest product at a fair price.

Because of this, Red Diamond consistently delivers pure tea, terrific color, a crisp, clean tea taste, and a greater yield.

Red Diamond is a 109 year-old family-owned coffee, tea and foodservice company providing high quality products to fine hotels, restaurants, offices, institutions and homes across the United States. Visit