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It's Worth Its Sea Salt!


It's Worth Its Sea Salt!

Diamond Crystal Sea Salt: A Natural Sea Salt in Harmony with the Natural Environment

As any chef worth his salt will tell you, not all sea salt is created equal. And they certainly don’t all come from the same source or employ the same production techniques.

Harvested from the sparkling shores of the Pacific Ocean and naturally evaporated by wind and sun, Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt takes up to five years to produce. The resulting sea salt crystals are translucent to the eye and give a satisfying crunch that adds distinction to countless recipes. What’s more, with the exception of Diamond Crystal® Purified Sea Salt, all Diamond Crystal® Sea Salts are additive free – so there’s nothing to get between you and your culinary intentions.

And because Cargill believes a naturally produced sea salt should be in harmony with the natural environment, Cargill has been committed to wetland and wildlife conservation in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to Cargill’s solar evaporation sea salt facility. In fact, Cargill has transferred more than 40,000 acres of Bay Area shoreline to the public in recent years, helping to facilitate one of the largest wetland restoration efforts in the country.

Once the massive wetland restoration project in the Bay Area is completed, this sanctuary for more than a million shore birds and hundreds of species of wildlife will have been greatly expanded and preserved. And thanks in part to Cargill, large areas of shoreline will be open to the public for the first time in more than a century.

For 35 years, Cargill has been naturally harnessing the sun and wind in the San Francisco Bay area to produce Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt. As responsible stewards of the environment, Cargill is proud to support wetland and wildlife conservation in the region.

For more information on Diamond Crystal® Sea Salts, contact your Cargill representative or call 1.888.385.SALT (7258). Or visit us at