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Superior Strength You Can Count On


Superior Strength You Can Count On

There’s an entire menu of answers. On the list: hamburgers, spaghetti and meatballs, enchiladas, pizza – all the heaviest, messiest and most popular foods you serve.

  • Soak-proof Coating: The Soak-Proof Shield® helps keep grease from seeping through to the table, the tray, the counter or (worst of all) customers’ clothes.
  • Microwavable: Need to warm food before serving? That’s easy. Just put it on a Dixie Ultra Plate and pop it in the microwave.
  • Cut Resistant: Need to cut vegetables or fruit after they’re on the plate? Go ahead, Dixie Ultra is cut resistant.
  • Custom-print Capabilities: Looks count to your customers. And you can count on their loving our stock designs and up-to-date colors. Plus, we can custom-print a Dixie Ultra Plate just for you.
  • Strongest paper plate on the market: Engineered with a new design that increases the rim strength by 40% over our former plate design, the Dixie Ultra Plate is shaped to have a better hold on food. Proven to be the strongest paper plate on the market!

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