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Specialty Creations Amp Up Crave Appeal


Specialty Creations Amp Up Crave Appeal

Specialty creations amp up crave appeal, says Technomic's burger expert

Crafty operators are unleashing their wild imaginations, cooking up inspired burger concepts that customers are eating up. 

Out with the basic. In with the specialty.

Darren Tristano, resident burger expert and Executive Vice President at Technomic, described the burgeoning growth of the burger world. "The burger as a product is doing very well because it's broadened its appeal outside of traditional fast food," he said. "It continues to grow in fast-casual but also has become a very big focal point for full-service restaurants." You can bet that much of this growth is due to a rise in specialty creations. 

Since 2009, specialty burgers have skyrocketed in popularity—climbing 4.4% over the past year alone. Today, nearly half of all casual-dining concepts are menuing their own signature burgers, but those with the highest burger IQs are doing work on both their menu and marketing to create new taste sensations.

On the menu side, keen operators are thinking up clever ingredient combos to transform the traditional burger into a mouth-watering must-have. At the same time, they're positioning their burgers as "original" or "chef created" to communicate a premium status. 

Discover delicious and unique builds made from today's hottest ingredients.


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