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Making Dispenser Decisions


Making Dispenser Decisions

Value Considerations for Remodels & Build-Outs: Making Dispenser Decisions  

Build-outs and remodeling projects offer numerous obvious opportunities to create and enhance business image. While there’s no shortage of advice on big picture architectural and interior design trends, it can be harder to find value-added suggestions for considerations on smaller, practical things, like dispensers for washrooms and food preparation areas. Georgia-Pacific Professional offers the following to help fill that gap.

Taking a New Look at "Old School" Basics

Whether your customers are starting a fresh build out or considering refurbishing washrooms, break rooms and foodservice areas, they have the opportunity to take a new look at “old school” basics for respite spots--washrooms, break rooms, and foodservice areas. Soap and sanitizer dispensers, bathroom towel and tissue dispensers have been evolving over the years and can enhance image and coordinate with décor.

Because washing hands and drying with a paper towel remains the best defense against germs, Georgia-Pacific Professional offers a full product line. It includes traditional takes on dispensers, towels, tissues, soaps and sanitizers as well as redesigned and innovative products with stylish new opportunities for cost-in-use savings, hygiene improvement, waste-reduction and other sustainability considerations.

Examining Maintenance Needs, Potential Future Costs and Other Issues

Attention to maintenance needs and potential future costs are as important before constructing or refurbishing a facility as they are once the work is complete. Before purchasing new components, consider not only the aesthetics of dispensers to enhance your image—and your décor—but also:

  • Maintenance Needs—What are the anticipated maintenance intervals and maintenance costs for each option?
  • Durability—Which products can take high traffic use and continue to function well and look good?
  • Vandalism Proofing— Which products are closed systems? Which lock to prevent pilfering or waste of contents?
  • Efficiency and Waste—Do items like bathroom towel, soap and tissue dispensers provide one-at-a-time dispensing to help minimize waste and improve the overall efficiency of product use?
  • Sustainability—What third-party environmental certifications apply to the components or the products they contain? How can those certifications help support LEED certification efforts, or the larger sustainability story for the business?
  • Cross-Contamination—Do the products help minimize the potential for cross-contamination between users? Products that cut down on germ-transfer can help reduce sick days for staff, which in turn may lead to improved productivity outcomes and reduced personnel costs. 

In reviewing choices, anticipating future costs for each option allows informed decision making. Adding things like expected maintenance costs and other considerations discussed above to the initial purchase price may reveal some options to be more economical than others over the long term.

Georgia-Pacific Professional Products

Here are a few products from Georgia-Pacific Professional that can help you take advantage of new options for washroom, breakroom and food preparation-area basics. All of our proprietary dispensers are reliable, efficient and can help improve your facility's image. Many of our towels are EPA compliant for recycled fiber and ECOLOGO Certified, too.

Reliable, affordable automated touchless towel dispensing

For over a decade, the high capacity enMotion® touchless towel dispenserhas helped facilities reduce towel consumption, waste and service visits, while enhancing image and improving hygiene. The enMotion® towel dispenser supplies a single towel by waving your hand and is the leader in automated, touchless dispensing. It’s no wonder that 97% of enMotion® towel dispenser customers are satisfied with its performance!  Use the matching Compact® tissue and enMotion® soap dispensers to complete the look in the washroom.

See video. Learn more.

Touchless technology has taken another leap forward with automated soap dispensing

Just one wave under the sleek enMotion ® automated touchless soap dispenser delivers a portion-controlled amount of high-quality foam soap or hand sanitizer coordinates from a closed, hygienic system, helping to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. The dispenser coordinates with hand towel and bath tissue dispensers for an upscale look that enhances a facility’s image. Plus, there’s no more guessing about the need to add soap. A sight window makes it easy to see the level of the contents, making maintenance a breeze.

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There’s no need to sacrifice reliability or style for high-traffic facilities demanding greater capacity and exceptional value  

A smart choice is the attractive and innovative SofPull® centerpull towel system. This easy-to-load, high-capacity towel dispenser extends service intervals for enhanced satisfaction. Plus, one-at-a-time touchless dispensing helps reduce waste and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.  

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There’s also a matching SofPull ® Tissue Dispenser that puts a smart new spin on bath tissue with one-sheet-at-at-time dispensing. This high-capacity solution helps reduce costs and waste while improving hygiene. Plus, SofPull® Bath Tissue has 76% less packaging waste vs. Georgia-Pacific jumbo® bath tissue by eliminating cardboard cores, inner wraps and outer corrugate.

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Georgia-Pacific Professional products offer opportunities to help you find the right dispenser solution for your build-out or renovations needs while promoting a safe, clean and healthy environment that can help boost customer and employee perceptions of your business. 

For more assistance with the range of possible Georgia-Pacific dispenser solutions for your situation, contact your Georgia-Pacific Professional at 1-866-HELLO GP [435-5647] or visit:

enMotion® and enMotion® Impulse® dispensers are only available through lease from an authorized distributor.

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