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A Profitable Protein Alternative


A Profitable Protein Alternative

Ground turkey is a profitable protein alternative that’s perfect for helping your customers stretch their investments. It’s not only a delicious menu addition, it’s also a versatile option that can be used throughout all dayparts and in nearly every type of cuisine. Even better—it’s very easy to replace more expensive proteins with turkey.

Ground turkey is now in a prime position to meet the demand for a flavorful, low-cost alternative to ground beef. We have a wide variety of crave-able recipes that you can use to help your customers add this profitable protein to their menus:

  • Turkey Taco Tostones: Brown ground turkey and mix with Hatch Pepper Seasoning; simmer. Fill warm tostones with ground turkey mixture. Top with honey-lime sour cream and serve with a side of spicy watermelon salsa. 
  • Banh Mi Turkey Wraps: Marinate ground turkey in a mixture of soy sauce and rice wine, and then stir-fry with an Asian vegetable medley. Serve in crispy lettuce cups or wraps.
  • Spinach-Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf: Create a flavorful meatloaf using ground turkey, porcini mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and more.

Please your customers with tasty new menu ideas while you help them save money by using a healthy, versatile protein. There are so many ways to use turkey in any operation—view our Culinary Center for more ideas.