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The Snack Attack


The Snack Attack

From morning coffee and a sweet roll to late-night social noshing, on-the-go consumers are eating smaller, more frequent meals that fit their busy lifestyles. 

The number of Americans who snack three or more times a day rose to 56% in 2010, according to government data, and that rise has greatly affected food sales. Annual growth in retail sales of snack foods such as chips, snack bars, and nuts rose sharply between 2008 and 2013 compared to the modest rise of more traditional mealtime items such as soup and pasta. That’s a trend foodservice operators should be capitalizing on. 

There’s a lot of room for more snack offerings in the marketplace, certainly. Snacks are fairly new to the foodservice arena, and data from Technomic’s newest Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report points to opportunities to increase incremental traffic and sales through snack offerings. Among other things, only 20% of snacks are sourced from restaurants as opposed to retail outlets, even as consumers have broadened their definition of a snack to include more foodservice items over the past two years. 

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