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A Cut Above the Rest


A Cut Above the Rest

Steak is one of the most profitable categories in foodservice; it delivers a higher check average than any other protein available. Steak is one of those rare ingredients that need no embellishment, yet it can harmonize perfectly with other foods. For tender, juicy portion cut steaks that are truly A Cut Above the rest, foodservice operators need to look no further than American Foods Group.

Our Cut Above steaks are like no other; they are well marbled, meeting and exceeding USDA graded product. The live cattle for this program are hand-picked by American Foods Group buyers, ensuring that only native cattle are picked and delivered to company managed feed lots in the Midwest. The carcasses harvested from these animals are then hand selected by qualified employees with decades of experience. Our steaks are aged a minimum of 14 days and are hand-cut [not machine-cut like the competition], seasoned with our proprietary marbling enhancement, and then individually flash frozen 20 minutes after cutting and vacuum packaged to capture flavor at its peak!

American Foods Group Cut Above Steak portfolio includes steakhouse favorites such as Ribeyes, T-Bones, Sirloins and Loin Strip Steaks in a variety of portion sizes to fit every budget. Steak sells across the menu - it is one of the most versatile proteins available and infinite menu applications abound for all dayparts! The only limit with our Cut Above Steaks will be your Chef’s imagination!

Build patron frequency and satisfy their demand for beef by offering A Cut Above Steaks only from American Foods Group.

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