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We've Got You Covered


We've Got You Covered

Tork® offers a complete line of products designed to meet all your skincare needs and improve your washroom image and appearance. Whether you prefer foam or liquid soaps and sanitizers, manual or automatic dispensers, Tork has the solutions you’re looking for . . . in a variety of colors, formulas, and fragrances. 

The cleaning strength you need

Tork Foam and Liquid Skincare Refills are formulated for strong performance. Yet, they are gentle on skin and mild enough for frequent hand washing, especially in environments like foodservice and healthcare. 

Enhanced with moisturizers, this luxurious line of cleansers protects skin from overdrying and cracking. All formulas are gluten-free and triclosan-free. Dyefree, fragrance-free, Green Seal™, ECOLOGO®, and NSF certified selections are also available to meet your specific washroom needs. 

Tork hand sanitizers provide additional hygiene without the use of water and are available in 70% alcohol for hygiene critical environments and alcohol-free formulas for traditional use. 

The easy maintenance and stylish look you want

Tork Elevation Foam and Liquid Skincare Dispensers are part of the Tork Elevation family of dispensers, providing sleek, hygienic dispensing and creating a coordinated washroom design. Both manual and automatic dispensing systems hold a high-capacity bottle, delivering more hand washes per refill, which helps manage usage and reduce overall costs. 

Collapsible bottles ensure complete consumption of the refill and quick and easy refilling of the system. This helps reduce waste and unnecessary spills while refilling the dispenser, saving time and labor. And hygienic nozzles prevent the risk of cross-contamination, so your guests can enjoy a fresher experience. 

A hygienic, sealed system

Tork soap and sanitizers come in sealed bottles and have a fresh nozzle with every refill for a more hygienic hand wash. The fully collapsible bottle ensures refills are completely used, reducing waste. 

Easy to refill

Changing a refill takes just three seconds, simplifying maintenance. Open the dispenser and take out the empty bottle. Twist the foam nozzle or end tip on liquid caps to open, put in the refill and close. Ready to use. 

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