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Loads of Recipes to Share


Loads of Recipes to Share

Become a truly valued partner to your operators with this great web site! Menu Management is a web-based interactive database of recipes and menu management and operational tools created for you to provide to your customers! Your company will have a unique URL, making it distinctly your own!

Menu Management was developed to help your customers maximize their sales and profits. Through the recipe tips, ideas, insights and information found on, operators will learn to manage their menu with the proper menu mix, effective front- and back-of-house management and focused staff training. The menu is the main consideration in the managerial operation of a foodservice establishment. It must meet the needs of the operation and the customers.

What are’s features and benefits?

Feature: URL is customized for each individual member company.
Benefit: Positions your company as a consultative partner and industry expert.

Feature: Fully-developed, turnkey Web site.
Benefit: Eliminates need for your staff to develop and update.

Feature: Enhanced sorting capabilities.
Benefit: Provides multiple recipes that match selected criteria.

Feature: No charge for members.
Benefit: Supplements your marketing efforts and services.

Feature: Online, web-based format.
Benefit: Can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Feature: Password-protected.
Benefit: Allows you to manage database and access.

Feature: Available for DSRs.
Benefit: Helps DSR to better understand operator needs and adds value to their selling strategies.

Feature: Profit-building ideas for entire foodservice operation in one spot.
Benefit: Offsets the amount of time ordinarily needed to research and find help with operational challenges.

Feature: Recipes and educational material continually added and updated.
Benefit: Keeps operators abreast of latest trends and techniques while providing incentive for return visits. sample screens:

  • Managing Your Menu: carries pertinent information for your customer in running their foodservice operation, from cost-containment to waitstaff training, profit-planning to food safety.
  • Recipe Search Tool: search recipes by Ethnicity, Ingredient, Menu Category & Daypart, and/or Supplier. Thousands of recipes and product application ideas available at their fingertips.
  • Downloadable/printable Recipe PDF: all recipes are ready to download, save and print.
  • Video: recipe videos give operators a huge collection of ideas, tips, and product application concepts in a matter of minutes!

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The menu can be the single most important factor in controlling food and labor costs and bringing customers back! makes it easy!

To get started, contact Amy White by phone at 1.800.366.7723 x7422 or via Email at