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Bold New Menu Opportunities


Bold New Menu Opportunities

The wave for bolder sausage flavor continues to sweep the country, with Chorizo and Andouille Sausage growing four times faster than the overall Sausage category¹. That’s good news for operators looking to feature popular regional tastes in creative menu specials to build sales. New Hillshire Farm® Andouille and Chorizo Sausage make it easy to add authentically bold flavors to enhance dishes across the menu, all year-round.

Diced Chorizo Sausage is flavored with a spicy kick of chili pepper, paprika and cumin in a ½” x ½” dice for easy use as an ingredient in a variety of recipes. “Its delicious taste will satisfy any appetite while adding ethnic appeal to dishes across all dayparts,” says Chris Kline, Executive Chef at Sara Lee Foodservice. “Use as an ingredient in omelets, soups and rice dishes, and you’ve easily added a whole different ethnic flavor profile to your menu.”

Zesty Andouille Smoked Sausage is seasoned with onions, garlic, peppers and thyme and then naturally hardwood smoked for a rich, authentic taste. It is available as an Endless Rope and in a ½” x ½” dice. This New Orleans staple is hitting the mainstream, and Chef Kline recommends using Andouille to turn a simple sautéed shrimp and pasta dish into a jazzed-up New Orleans pasta special. Guests will also take notice of distinctive entrées such as Andouille Stuffed Peppers made with spicy Andouille Sausage and baked in tangy tomato sauce.

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¹The Smiley Report, 2011