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Exclusive Pallet Promotion


Exclusive Pallet Promotion

Exclusive UniPro Foodservice Distributor Sweetener Pallet Promotion from Sugar Foods 

Save big on Sugar Substitutes! Orders must be placed March 30 - May 22, 2015. 

To participate, you must complete the Commitment Form, which you may secure visiting the Distributor Incentives screen of the PICs site on UniPro’s Extranet. For more information, contact Gail Hollis at 1.800.366.7723 x7564 or via email at

In addition to the Pallet Promotion, you can drive Operator sales with these incentives... 

  1. Sugar Foods will be inserting 500 bonus packets of N’Joy® Yellow into the N’Joy® Pink Case and 500 bonus packets of SweetSource™ Yellow into the SweetSource™ Pink Case 
  2. Sugar Foods will take your customers' opened box of Splenda® and give them a new 2,000 count Box of N'Joy® or SweetSource™ Yellow Sucralose
  3. Sugar Foods will take $20.00 OFF their N'Joy® or SweetSource™ Yellow Sucralose Order

It's the Packet Color, not the brand, that your customers want.