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To Market, To Market with New Tools


To Market, To Market with New Tools

SCA Tissue is going to market with Apps and a Social Media campaign that is designed to inform and educate.

Apps directed to the Distributor include:

  • Tork Snapshot - Tork Snapshot shows the end customer how their washroom, kitchen, canteen or counter would look with Tork dispensers instead of the current one. You simply take a picture of current environment and slide Tork dispensers over their existing dispensers for a brand new look.
  • Tork Insider - Tork Insider is a library of Tork marketing materials, including brochures, videos, blogs about latest industry trends and news articles. This app allows you to create and send customized newsletters.
  • Decision Tree - Decision Tree is a product selection tool that allows the user to answer a series of questions to identify the dispenser that best meets their needs. Users are able to click on an image to view product details.

SCA Tissue has a robust email campaign that hits all of the most popular social media outlets to reach their target audience.

  • Tork and SCA Brand Twitter Account — The Tork twitter account is used to broadcast our Better Business Center articles, send updates about tradeshows and promotions.
  • Tork and SCA Brand Facebook Page — The Tork Facebook page is used to promote the Tork brand and keep customers up to date. It also informs customers about the latest trends within industry segments from our Tork Better Business Center.
  • Tork and SCA brand YouTube Account — The Tork YouTube channel hosts instructional videos for our dispensers as well as brand and company overview videos. There are also product demonstration videos designed for Sales and End Customers. Due to our sponsorship in the Volvo Ocean Race, we also have some overview and promotional videos that involve the team.
  • Tork Care — The Tork Care website is a place for customers to go to if they have any questions about their business, product warranties and guarantees, or product installation. They also have the option to sign up for free trials. The website provides industry trends and news relating to their business. Overall, this site supports customers and gives them the peace of mind that they are being taken care of.
  • Tork Better Business Center — The Tork Better Business Center provides valuable insights to help you reach your business goals. With expert contributions on such issues as corporate hygiene and sustainability, the Tork Better Business Center is a one-stop resource for tips and best practices that encourage shared conversations. Content is organized under segments such as foodservice, education and healthcare.
  • Torkusa — The home site for the Tork brand in North America. is a one-stop shop for accessing a wide variety of Tork information. Here you will find product information, the Tork Better Business Center, Tork Care, sustainability practices, press releases, and access to marketing material such as videos and collateral.