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Who Has Time for Marketing?


Who Has Time for Marketing?

It’s a fact that many foodservice distributors today attempt to minimize costs and operate without a marketing department, and those that do have the capability often have a limited budget, with minimal staff. But the cost of not marketing is high: if you aren’t promoting, you’re invisible to the operators you’re trying to sell to. How do you escape this trap?

The UniPro Creative Services department is your answer. We are here to provide UniPro distributors such as yourself with agency-quality marketing materials at an affordable price, with a specialized focus on Foodservice. Our objective is to assist you in generating sales, growing your business and expanding your market.

Here are some of the materials available to assist you in achieving success:

Color Flyer Program

Nothing connects you with your customer as directly as a sales flyer in their hands. Featuring actual product photographs and logos from our exclusive library to entice sales, we’ll design it for you and ship to your door.

Benefit: Boost your bottom line with greater sales at street level.


Keep your customers informed of industry issues and information to assist them in their day-to-day operations. Your customers will look forward to receiving each newsletter from you, building a stronger relationship for the long term.

Benefit: Positions your company as an industry leader; increased exposure makes you first on your customers’ minds when it’s time to place an order.

Folders & Brochures

A packaged presentation makes a memorable first impression, and serves as your introduction to new customers. Make sure your image is one of quality and perfection. Combine this with digitally printed insert sets to have maximum flexibility in presentations for different markets, customers, or product lines.

Benefit: Begins building the customer relationship and establishes your company as the “go-to” resource.

Marketing Programs

Without supplier partners, you won’t survive in today’s ultracompetitive marketplace. Highlight your programs and obtain the resources needed to help your business perform.

Benefit: A strong supplier partnership gives you funding, support and security to drive your business forwards.

Food Show Support

Creative Services designs materials specifically to generate interest and excitement, with the objective of pulling in stronger attendance resulting in larger totals. We produce foodshow books, invitations, mailers, flyers, large format banners & signs... everything you need to promote and run the show.

Benefit: Increased attendance and participation means more buyers placing orders and moving product.

Product Guides

A Product Guide showcases your products in a way that is convenient and useful to your customers. We will show you how to sponsor the book so the cost to your company is minimal.

Benefit: Having a convenient reference handy helps your customers place more extensive and frequent orders – which translates into more sales and profit for you.

Logo & Identity Design

Make sure your company stands out from the competition and conveys a sharp and professional image. Creative Services will design a logo incorporated into letterhead, business cards, building signs, vehicle graphics, packaging and more. Benefit: Places you at the forefront of your marketplace and reinforces recognition for repeat orders.

Growing your business means making sure you have the right tools to do it successfully, and Creative Services is your best resource for increasing your presence and market penetration. Promotional materials that generate interest and attract participation are vital components of any company’s marketing. Creative Services gives you the leverage you need to not only compete, but to stand out from your competitors in the marketplace. 

To learn more, contact Creative Services at 1.800.366.7723 x7612 or via email at