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Guests Want Mayo on Demand


Guests Want Mayo on Demand

It’s no big secret—guests love sandwiches. In fact, sandwiches are the number one item for lunch and dinner, and even breakfast sandwiches are quickly growing in popularity.1 An impressive 95% of consumers eat at least one sandwich per week.1

So what’s the number one condiment for the number one lunch and dinner item? In the world of condiments, mayonnaise reigns supreme.2 It’s the guest favorite, and your operator’s greatest tool for customer satisfaction.

A recent study concluded that 38% of mayo users end up requesting a side of mayo.3 Of the guests who request a side, 64% will wait to start their meal until their side of mayo is delivered.4 Guests who have to wait for mayonnaise are more dissatisfied, and guest dissatisfaction accounts for 4% of annual revenue loss.4 The take away: operators don’t want guests waiting for mayonnaise.

Putting mayo on the table is an easy way for operators to keep guests happy. In restaurants, Hellmann’s® and Best Foods® squeeze bottles are used within a few days making them sharable, shelf-stable satisfiers. And because Hellmann’s®and Best Foods® are the number one brands of the number one condiment of the number one lunch and dinner menu item, operators can feel confident about quality.5

Here’s a high-value offer you can share with your operators to drive guest satisfaction:

Save $15 per case on Hellmann’s® and Best Foods®Mayonnaise convenient Stick Packs and Squeeze Bottles.

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