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Free World of Flavors Guide


Free World of Flavors Guide

The culinary experts at Cargill Foodservice and Diamond Crystal Salt have compiled a handy reference guide that explores the “World of Flavors”.

This booklet can you help you feed the hunger your operator have for exciting new menu items and restaurant patrons have for bold, ethnic flavors. You’ll find the latest in herb and spice blends, condiments and more.

Here are just a few menu ideas that register high on the flavor meter:

  • Many trend experts are predicting Turkish cuisine to be a rising star in fast casual. The dishes offer familiar flavor elements and are easily prepared, so consider adding a simple, spicy lamb kebab with grilled tomatoes and a side of pita to your menu. Pair it with Turkish coffee and Acýbadem (almond cookies) for a Middle-Eastern themed offering.
  • Make your drink menu more global by offering Caipirinha. Brazil’s refreshing national cocktail is made with the distilled spirit cachaça (sugar cane hard liquor) sugar and lime and is one of the fastest trending menu items in many Brazilian restaurants.
  • For authentic Korean-style marinades for beef and chicken, try combing soy sauce, pear juice, chili, sugar, is typical of traditional Vietnamese home dining.
  • For the latest in multi-cultural fusion, consider adding a Peruvian or Filipino item to your menu, which typically include Malaysian, Spanish, Chinese and American elements. In addition to delivering a borderless taste explosion, the familiar ingredients are suitable for any customer’s comfort level.
  • Ceviche, consisting of fish and shellfish marinated in citrus juices, is a popular, traditional Peruvian dish that can easily be added to any menu.
  • For a simple, traditional Bedouin-style meal, offer large, family-size platters of grilled meat or chicken served with flatbread on a shared plate. Make sure to season liberally with sumac, za’atar and sesame seeds. Instead of the lemony-flavored sumac, coriander and cumin also make an appropriate seasoning substitute.
  • “Char Siu” is a popular flavoring and preparation style of pork that spans many Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. To prepare, season pork strips with honey, five-spice powder, dark soy sauce and hoisin sauce, skewer the meat and roast it in a covered oven or over an open fire. 

For a copy of the World of Flavors booklet, click here.