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Color Me Purple


Color Me Purple

Different colors of disposable gloves are making a splash and Handgards is pleased to announce the newest addition to an extensive array of Nitrile gloves. Our NEW Valugards Purple Nitrile Disposable gloves are an excellent LATEX free alternative for jobs where a tight fitting, durable glove with excellent touch sensitivity is needed. Thought to be the highest quality replacement for latex, nitrile gloves continue to grow in popularity and the market is seeing more and more colors available.

Does color matter? In the foodservice industry, cross contamination is a huge concern and carries a liability that might not be overcome easily. Using disposable gloves when touching or preparing ready to eat food items is one solution. Choosing a colored variety of disposable glove gives instant visibility to an on duty manager tasked with ensuring this safety precaution. 

The bright color also lends a differentiation if employees are set in stations performing different tasks. Color also lends itself to a unique aesthetic for open air concept restaurants. A customer readily sees the gloves as their menu items are being prepared. This idea has become a successful marketing and branding tool in itself.

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