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Deliciousness Made Easy


Deliciousness Made Easy

With Butterball turkey breast filets, it’s easy to satisfy hungry patrons in a hurry. Our filets are packaged and designed with operator convenience in mind, so you can save time and cut labor costs while serving up the delicious, on-trend options your customers crave.

Each 4-oz. turkey breast filet is ready to cook from frozen and individually wrapped in easy-peel film for one-at-a-time use. Season any way you like—it’s the perfect canvas for nearly any flavor profile. Try these tasty meal ideas for inspiration:

  • Turkey Breast Filet Sandwich: A Thanksgiving-themed sandwich featuring a grilled filet, cranberry sauce, stuffing, lettuce and mayo on toasted wheat bread
  • Grilled Turkey Filet Benedict: French bread topped with a sliced, grilled turkey breast filet, melted Brie cheese, poached eggs and roasted shiitake mushrooms
  • Turkey Garam Masala: An Indian-inspired meal featuring a grilled turkey breast filet seasoned with coriander, cumin, cinnamon and more, along with rice, curried cauliflower and Brussels sprouts

With extreme versatility, the turkey breast filet’s menu possibilities are endless. Slice a grilled filet and add to any salad, use as a pizza topping, toss into a pasta dish and more. View our Culinary Center to find more patron-pleasing ways to use our turkey breast filet all over your menu.