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Reduce Waste, Overall Glove Usage


Reduce Waste, Overall Glove Usage

New oneSAFE Single-Glove Dispensing System reduces waste, overall glove usage.

Technomic, the food industry’s leading fact-based consulting and research firm, conducted a study to measure the benefits of FoodHandler’s new oneSAFE disposable glove dispensing system. The study concluded that oneSAFE helps reduce operational costs and streamline food safety procedures.

Conducted over a two-month period in cooperation with a major, full-service restaurant chain, the study first quantified weekly glove use based on existing practices at several of the chain’s more than 30 locations. This data was then compared to glove use over an equivalent time span after the installation of the oneSAFE dispensing system in food preparation areas.

The results revealed an average, pre-test usage rate of 3,906 gloves per $100,000 in sales. When compared to the oneSAFE test average of 3,089 gloves, users experienced a 21% decrease in overall disposable glove usage.

Along with the quantifiable savings, location managers and kitchen staffs were collectively positive about the features and benefits of the new dispensing system.

“Our employees like the new system because gloves were easier to get out of the box”

“I believe it controls the waste from gloves falling onto the floor, and also prevents cross-contamination between users”

“If used correctly, this reduces risk, period.”

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